Starting our Christmas shopping early this year.

On Saturday we took our third, and sadly, final day trip with our cousin to the fantastic town of Rudesheim.  On our way there we stopped off in Wiesbaden to make a pilgrimage to a gummy bear store our cousin recently discovered.   It was definitely worth the detour.  Their gummies are delicious!  In addition, they’ve been helpful on our recent long drives.  They’ve come to my rescue more than once when Pops and Hillary have been asleep and I’ve needed a little something to help me stay alert.

As we were walking to the gummy bear store we passed the Wiesbaden farmers market.  I made everyone walk with me through the market, and then when I realized I had forgotten to take pictures, I made them wait so I could run back and snap a few shots.  I was feeling a little pressed for time, so the shots below don’t really do justice to the market.  It was amazing.  I could easily have blown all my spending money for the trip sampling meats and cheeses there.  Good thing I knew we were hitting the road on Sunday and there would be no time to sample purchases before our departure.




After our little excursion into Wiesbaden we drove to Rudesheim.  Hill and I didn’t realize we were running low on cash until we arrived in Rudesheim.  Being a tourist town one might expect to come across an occasional ATM.  Unfortunately, ATM machines were somewhat elusive in Germany, so our quick trip to find an ATM turned into something of an excursion.  Happily, we did find a crepe stand on our journey, and yes, an ATM machine.  Cash was a key element of our trip to Rudesheim because there is a Kathe Wohlfarht store there and our cousin suspected (rightly) that Hill and I would appreciate the opportunity to pick up some Christmas-themed souvenirs.  I had the hardest time deciding what to buy.  I finally settled on a nativity and a little Santa Claus smoker.  Can’t wait to break them out this holiday season.

Rudesheim 1

Rudesheim 2

After we concluded our shopping we sent our cousin home with our purchases and sampled a little bratwurst.  So good!


Rudesheim is a wine-making town, which yes, is completely wasted on me and my family.  However, we can definitely appreciate the beauty of the surrounding countryside.  After filling up on bratwurst we hopped on a cable car that ran from the center of town to the top of a nearby hill.  We were treated to amazing views of the area, which we all felt were magnified by the fall colors.  One more reason to love traveling at this time of year.

View From Lift 1

On the Lift


Final View

As though the day were not already perfect enough, we got to come “home” to the two cutest pirates to ever make a girl walk the plank.

Little Pirate 2

Big Pirate

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